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Choose Your Multivitamins Carefully

How do you choose to purchase your vitamins and other supplements? Does convenience and price dictate what vitamin brands end up on your countertop? A recent report released by contains some alarming news about the safety and accuracy of multivitamins available for purchase at your local nutrition / grocery stores. What they found is that more than 30 percent of the multivitamins tested contained too much or too little of certain ingredients as listed on the label and/or were contaminated with lead. Too much folic acid increases the risk of prostate cancer in men, too much vitamin A can cause nausea, blurred vision and liver problems, and, high levels of zinc can lead to anemia and immune deficiencies. All of these problems and many more including lead contamination were found in's testing. In fact, a particular vitamin water product tested at 15 times its stated level of folic acid - not necessarily good for those concerned about their prostate health.